AdQ is a service of Internet Video Archive LLC. IVA has been serving the online video industry for 15 years. Some of our clients and partners:
“AdQ is a great example of cloud-based ad management. It utilizes Microsoft Azure at scale to perform advertisement optimizations in real-time, using data analysis built on top of several Microsoft Azure services.”
--John Deutscher, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure Media Services

What is AdQ?

AdQ is pre-roll ad management software as a service that maximizes your revenue, minimizes the time you spend on ad trafficking and optimizes your user experience IN REAL TIME. It manages all your DFP, LiveRail, OpenX, AOL One and other ad sources in one place. AdQ's mediation helps you get the most out of every ad source in every marketplace. And it’s FREE.
"To even spot a problem with your ad source, you might have to wait 2-5 hours for your ad platform to generate a report that shows it. After launching AdQ, we increased our fill rates and our revenue by over 40%."
--Michele Devery,

Why You Need AdQ

As a video publisher, you already know that many of your pre-roll impressions are not producing. You just don’t know which ones because the reports from your ad sources and management platforms come too late to be of any use.

It's frustrating and extremely time consuming to try to balance high rates and low fill with low rates and uneven fill - not to mention trying to eliminate ad sources that deliver so slowly they drive away your viewers!

How AdQ Works

AdQ tracks and monitors each ad source's proficiency and updates in real time. It calls on the highest performing pre-roll ad based on the key indicators such as fill rates, time to complete, abandonment rates, and revenue to avoid latency and ensure that profit is maximized every time. In turn, this leads to consistently faster loading ads and better user experience.

AdQ can manage as many ad sources as you throw at it…and get the most out of each of them. It scales to your needs, automatically. 10,000 requests or 10 billion! When ad sources win.

AdQ responds instantly to changes in fill rates caused by spikes in your traffic, changes in fill rates caused by re-targeting by advertisers, and changes in fill rates caused by expansions and contractions in competitive traffic. In short, AdQ is your virtual ad ops team...YOU JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT!

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What other features does it come with?
  • Real-time reports, along with an easy-to-read AdQ “Score” that tells you how your ad sources are doing
  • 48 hour customer support
  • Optional revenue sharing among multiple accounts
If it's so great, why is it free?
We are optimistic about the future of the video ad business and confident that AdQ will revolutionize how publishers manage their pre-roll video ads. We know we can monetize 10% of your impressions or you will grow, you will want more and you will pay us. Also the FREE version of AdQ does not include network features like revenue sharing and total requests are limited to 5 million per month.

How hard is AdQ to set up?
AdQ takes less than an hour for your typical ad ops person to set up. It’s so easy even our boss can use it.
“AdQ made DFP my beach.”

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